Kitchen remodeling? Here are some popular flooring options.

Kitchen remodeling? Here are some popular flooring options.

There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for your kitchen renovation to finish and having your floors look like they belong on a construction site. 

Most Popular Flooring Options For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is a relatively new product but is quickly becoming the most popular. These floors are durable, affordable, and easy to clean. The surface can take some wear and tear before showing signs of wear, but inside the vinyl layer, there's a top layer of padding that will help absorb minor impacts. It makes vinyl an excellent choice for kitchens where children or pets crawl around on the floor.

  1. Porcelain tiles

These tiles are heavy enough to avoid tripping over them but not so heavy that they'll damage your floors if you step on them at an odd angle. A porcelain tile backing comprises several layers of plastic, cement, and paper. The layers act as a cushion for the porcelain tile, which is the fundamental rugged part of this floor.

  1. Ceramic tiles

These are similar to porcelain tiles but made from a non-porous ceramic material that will not stain or chip over time. These tiles are durable and can be used as a wall or floor, depending on how much wear and tear you want for your kitchen. This type of tile also comes in larger quantities than other ceramic tiles; it's economical to buy them by the box in case you need to lay out multiple sections at once.

Mixing and matching these materials can be ideal for added durability and more cost-effective flooring options. For example, if you run out of a particular type of tile, you can use other types with the same backing. Porcelain, tile, and ceramic are almost identical, so it shouldn't be noticeable unless you look closely at the floor.

  1. Laminate

This popular material is typically found in more budget-friendly renovations. Laminate flooring is an excellent option for smaller kitchens because you can install it over the existing floor. Still, the texture of the laminate makes it a cold environment to walk on. These floors are almost pliable in texture and will smooth out over time (a few years at least).

  1. Carpeting

Carpeting is still a popular choice for flooring because most people have had good experiences with carpeting in the past. This type of flooring has many options, including looped carpet and patterned carpet. The looped carpet backing is like a sheet of vinyl; it's the same material you would use for a vinyl floor. Both are firmly attached to the floor and can be easily cut or pulled up without leaving any damage to the floor underneath.

  1. Rubber tiles

Rubber tile can be a great flooring option for your kitchen because the rubber material makes the tiles extremely waterproof and will not easily break or crack when dropped or stepped on. These tiles look similar to vinyl; they're just rubber instead of vinyl. Like vinyl and laminate, it's best to use rubber as an accent flooring in a kitchen rather than as its sole option. Murals are also available for vinyl and rubber tile backs; these give even more durability to your floor.

  1. Wood

Wood is a beautiful material to use for flooring. It's warm, will age well over time, and can be stained or coated to match your kitchen's color scheme. Wood is also a more expensive material than other options on this list, so the cost of wood flooring can sometimes be unfavorable when you're trying to save money.