Handle fire damage restoration.

Handle fire damage restoration.

We use fire daily. Whether grilling burgers on the backyard barbecue or using a stove for cooking dinner, fires are an almost necessary means of cooking food. And while they can be fun, they can also be very dangerous. The number of fire-related accidents has been on the rise. Learning how to handle fire is essential, as many people are injured due to not knowing how.

In case there is a fire, you will need restoration services. We are a company that offers restoration services. We provide a quick response to all fire damage issues, and our restoration services are guaranteed. We have a lot of experience and have treated many houses and commercial properties. Our staff is well-trained to handle any restoration job. Here are some tips on how we handle fire damage restoration.

  1. Clearing Out The Remaining Smoke Residue

After a fire, a lot of smoke residue is usually left behind. This smoke residue will cause discoloration and damage to the surrounding areas. To remove it, we use water mist in the affected areas. We also employ high-pressure water and dehumidifiers to clear the smoke residue.

  1. Identifying The Damage

Fire damage restoration can be severe. Thus, it is important to identify which parts of your property are damaged or affected by the fire. After determining the damages, it is important to assess the entire property to plan repairs for long-term and short-term goals. Sometimes this kind of assessment can be done quickly by one person, but it would be better if you enlist help from someone with more experience with this kind of work, such as our staff from Professional Fire Damage Restoration.

  1. Testing For Airborne Hazards

It is essential to test for airborne substances after a fire to ensure that the building and its residents are safe. We test for airborne substances in the home or business using professional tools such as air quality test kits, passive monitors, or blower-door tests. If we find any harmful elements in the air, we will decontaminate them using specialized equipment that is certified safe by the Environmental Protection Agency.

  1. Salvaging Items

After the fire has been put out and the smoke residue has been cleared, we can assess the items left by the fire and perform restoration procedures to salvage as much of your property as possible. To salvage items from fire damage restoration, we use specialized equipment that utilizes high-temperature drying systems to remove wetness, odor removal techniques that can eliminate the smoke smell from fabrics and carpets, and ozone gas used for purifying mold spores.

  1. Protection Against Further Damage.

To protect the structure of your property and its contents, we will apply a sealant on the walls and floors. The sealant will not only prevent moisture from getting in, but it can also prevent other issues, such as mold and mildew. We also use water protection techniques to give you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is as dry as possible.

  1. Replacement And Repairs for Long Term Goals

After all the restoration and cleaning procedures are done, we can assess which parts of your property have been damaged and begin the replacement process. We will also perform repairs to repair structural damages caused by fire. Then, we will repair the remaining damaged parts, including walls, windows, lighting, and roofing. To speed up this process, Professional Fire Damage Restoration will use a fast and efficient restoration system, including thermal imaging, to assess the structural damages and ventilation techniques to accelerate the drying times of the fire-damaged items.

  1. Draining Water Out

Most firefighters use water to put out fires, but it will be essential to drain the water out of your property to prevent any further damage. This is very important to avoid water damage caused by any moisture that may seep into your property through the walls or floors. We will use a dehumidifier that removes moisture from the air so that you and your guests can sleep comfortably without being bothered by any heat or discomfort brought about by high humidity levels.

There is no simple answer to how to repair fire damage, but there are some important guidelines. Fire is no joke. It can cause significant loss and damage to your property. Fire damage restoration is a fundamental process in which we restore your home or business and get it back to shape as quickly as possible after a fire. We offer our services to all residential and commercial properties, regardless of their type of fire. We have been in this industry for years, so we are well-equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to deliver top-notch services.