Tips For Fire Safety For Every Area Home Or Business

Tips For Fire Safety For Every Area Home Or Business

No property owner wants to be faced with a fire, whether they have a business or a home. Having fire safety and prevention tips on hand is the best way to avoid fire or devastating fire damage, and teaching occupants of your space of fire safety tips as well. Should a fire occur within your property, a closely followed safety protocol will save not just your home or business, but the occupants inside. 

Some fire safety and prevention tips are somewhat obvious, but that doesn’t make them any less important to follow. Having smoke detectors installed in every room, testing smoke detectors each month, and going over your fire plan is just the beginning of your fire safety framework. 

Safety And Prevention Tips For Different Types Of Fires 

Fires can occur in a few different situations, and in each there are certain tips and tricks one should follow to ensure their safety and the safety of their space. Tips and tricks for some of the most common types of fires include: 

  • Cooking Fires – While it might be tempting to start up the stove after a couple of glasses of wine, or to make a midnight snack, it’s always best to be able to give your cooking your full attention to avoid any fire-causing mishaps. Staying in the kitchen while cooking ensures that any hazards are caught early, and anything that could catch fire should be kept far away from the stove top. For grease fires, never add water to the grease, and instead smothering the flames with the pan lid and turning off the stove is your safest bet should you attempt to put out the fire yourself. For an oven fire, the oven should be turned off and the door kept closed. If the fire begins to grow, calling 9-1-1 should be your very next step. 
  • Candle fires – Avoiding use of candles in rooms where one would be likely to fall asleep, such as in bedrooms, is always ideal. Candles should only be lit while one is awake and in the room, as well as kept around 12 inches from anything that could catch fire. Roughly 1/3 of home candle fires begin in the bedroom, and many of these occur because a person has fallen asleep with a candle lit. If a power outage occurs, having battery powered flashlights and lanterns is always preferable to using candles. 
  • Electrical fires – All electrical work on your property should be done by a professional electrician to avoid electrical fires. Pay close attention to the wattage required for lamps and lights, and only use the wattage recommended. Major appliances should always be plugged into a wall receptacle and never a power strip or used with an extension cord. 

Fire Prevention For A Safe Property 

Fire can occur in seconds, and it can spread just as quickly. With fire safety and prevention tips for the most common causes of fire, property owners of the region can rest assured that they’re keeping their properties and the occupants of these spaces optimally safe.