What Do I Do In A Flood?

What Do I Do In A Flood?

For those that have never encountered flood conditions, it can be easy to assume that as long as you can swim that you won’t suffer any harm during a flood. However, flooding poses a lot of dangers. In this post, we are going to cover a few dangers that a flood poses, and why it’s so important to get to safety during a flood.

Stay Out of the Water

No matter if you are witnessing a flood of catastrophic proportions or your basement has flooded, it is always best to stay out of the water. Even if your are sure that it’s clean water and there is no current, it’s better to stay out of the water altogether and here’s why:

Waterborne Pathogens

Even sometimes when it’s clean water that has flooded an area, there can still be a risk of waterborne pathogens. These pathogens can make their way into your bloodstream through your digestive system, your eyes, or through cuts and abrasions. Even if you are careful, unseen debris can break the skin can and leave you susceptible to harmful, painful, and sometimes fatal illnesses.


Debris in the water can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Even if there is no current, tree branches, broken bookcases, shopping carts, and other objects can be hidden in the water and case severe trauma. Never wade into flood waters, even in your own home. It’s always best to leave that to the professionals who have the proper protective gear and know how to avoid dangerous situations.

Don’t Get In Your Car

Often our cars are mistaken for places of safety during a flooding situation. You should never choose hiding in your car over getting to higher ground. According to Ready.Gov, just one foot of water can stall and sweep away your car. Always avoid driving through areas where you don’t know how deep the water actually is.

Stay Off Bridges

It is always best to stay off bridges over fast-moving water. In many cases, rapidly moving flood waters can sweep away bridges in a matter of seconds — taking you with it!

Evacuate When Told To Do So

It is always best to evacuate when told to do so, your local government and other professional entities always have your best interest in mind when they ask you to leave your home and get to a safe location.